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Cataract surgery often involves the replacement of the eye’s lenses with artificial ones, allowing the patient to see clearly once more. Recent technological developments have significantly improved the functionality of these lens implants, and New York Laser Vision is quite proud to offer a selection of premium lens implants, available to patients undergoing surgery for the correction of cataracts.

When the naturally occurring lens on the human eye becomes clouded over and obstructed, it causes a condition known as cataracts. This condition can set in for any number of different reasons, and over time it can progress to the point where it causes complete and total blindness.

New York Laser Vision offers surgery to remedy the onset of cataracts, removing the obstructed lens from the affected eye, and replacing it with an IOL, or intraocular lens, that allows the patient to see clearly once more. Premium lens implants can bring with them a number of enjoyable advantages.

How Does Cataract Surgery Work?

When an individual is suffering from cataracts, their vision often looks as though they’re viewing the world through a hazy or clouded-over pane of glass. The condition involves the fogging-over the eye’s naturally occurring lens, and it can be caused by anything from illness to injury.

The procedure to repair cataracts is actually relatively painless, and allows about 90% of patients to enjoy their full quality of vision once more. The procedure involves removing the clouded lens from the eye, and replacing it with a new lens that will allow the patient to see clearly.

Standard Lenses vs. Premium Lenses

With standard lenses, your eyes will work quite well when you look at anything that is a good distance away. When dealing with objects that are closer to your eyes, though, you’ll need to wear eyeglasses, as standard IOL lenses do not focus up close, and tend to only work at a distance.

Primary lenses, on the other hand, are built with a dual-functioning ability, allowing the patient to focus on objects that are up close, as well as see objects that are far away. This not only eliminates the needs for any vision assistance after you’ve had your cataract surgery, but it can also allow the patient to save money on things like eyeglasses and other corrective lenses.

See Clearly and Live Life to the Fullest

With premium lens implants from New York Laser Vision, you’ll be able to once more see the world clearly, enjoying your full quality of life yet again. These technologically advanced Intraocular Lenses will neatly eliminate the need for eye glasses or contacts once you’ve had your cataract surgery, allowing you to see well up close or at a distance, in equal measure.

New York Laser Vision

If you’ve been suffering from vision loss due to the presence of cataracts, reach out to New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn today. We offer premium intraocular lenses that can restore your vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses moving forward.

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