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Chronic dry eye syndrome can be caused by any number of issues, often resulting in eyes that are frequently red, dry, itchy, and burning. Not only do chronically dry eyes cause a near-constant source of irritation and discomfort, but they can progress to become quite seriously problematic, if left untreated. Dry eye syndrome can easily progress from a mild inconvenience to a serious problem if it’s not addressed, which is why New York Laser Vision offers a variety of treatments that can help to address the underlying causes of chronic dry eye syndrome.

Scleral contact lenses are an effective treatment for chronic dry eye syndrome related to corneal irregularities, allowing patients to treat and moisturize problematic eyes, returning full vision and a normal quality of life in the process. Reach out to us at New York Laser Vision today, to learn more about how scleral contact lenses might help you deal with your chronically dry eyes, even when nothing else has worked. Eye drops and other temporary measures might provide a bit of momentary relief, but it’s only by actually addressing the underlying cause itself that you’ll be able to effectively rid yourself of dry eye syndrome for good.

How Scleral Contact Lenses Work

Different in their design from traditional contact lenses, scleral contact lenses are much larger and sit on a different part of the eye, providing a therapeutic treatment environment that makes it possible to treat a number of issues with the cornea and sclera, including chronic dry eyes.

A scleral contact lens is made from a polymer that is easily permeable by oxygen, and is designed to sit on the whites of your eyes (as opposed to a traditional contact lens, which sits directly on the pupil and cornea). This larger lens leaves a space between the surface of the eye and the lens itself, which is then filled with artificial tears, allowing the eye to be consistently treated and moisturized.

Scleral contact lenses are especially helpful for those with chronically dry eyes that can’t handle normal contact lenses, which can sometimes cause extra burning and irritation, when dry eyes are already present.

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Address Dry Eyes By Addressing Their Cause

Chronic dry eye syndrome is best addressed by treating its underlying cause. In some cases, chronic dry eye syndrome is caused by issues with the sclera or cornea. These problems that arise on the surface of the eye can be treated with a scleral contact lens, which allows for the safe and comfortable application of therapeutic treatment that might not be available with the use of a traditional contact lens.

If you’ve been suffering from chronically dry eyes, and the itching, burning, and redness that frequently comes along with them, reach out to New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn today, to learn more about how scleral contact lenses might help you to restore your vision and find relief from redness, once and for all.

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