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Address Blepharitis & Dry Eyes with IPL Therapy

Problems like blepharitis and dry eye syndrome can cause serious issues not only with vision but with day-to-day comfort. And while many individuals might be dealing with the effects of dry eye syndrome, it’s all too often that the symptoms are addressed, as opposed to the actual underlying causes themselves. Eye drops and other solutions can offer temporary relief, but the relief will be exactly that — temporary.

Treatments that cause the underlying cause of dry eyes are most effective when it comes to the establishment of long-lasting relief, and intense pulsed light (also known as IPL therapy) is one of the most effective ways to address some of the most common causes of dry, irritated eyes, as well as other issues that might be caused by problems with the tear ducts.

Blepharitis and the Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

While the symptoms of dry eye syndrome often involve burning, itchy, dry can be any number of issues that might be causing the syndrome itself. Sometimes the cause can be environmental — exposure to dry or dusty environments over long periods of time, for example, can ultimately cause chronic dry eyes. Other issues, like blepharitis, can also cause dry eye syndrome by interfering with tear production.

Blepharitis involves the inflammation of the eyelids, and is caused by the inflammation of the miniscule oil glands that can be found on the insides of your eyelids. These glands, known as the Meibomian glands, are important for the production of oils that make up your tears. When these glands are functioning properly, the result can be tears which don’t contain the right components, causing them to evaporate too quickly, or improperly clean and lubricate your eyes. As a result, you might be experiencing chronically dry, itchy, or insufficiently moisturized eyes.

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How Can Intense Pulsed Light Help Me?

Intense pulsed light therapy works by sending bursts of light at specific wavelengths — not lasers — into areas of your face, to help correct problems with the Meibomian glands, and restore their ability to produce proper tears once more.

Often, problems with the Meibomian glands come about when the oils that they produce fail to evaporate and clear out, clogging the glands and resulting in improper tear production. Intense pulsed light, by using specific wavelengths of intense light, can heat these glands, warming the oil that might be causing the blockage and allowing it to be evacuated, cleaning the glands once more.

This treatment only takes about 20 minutes, and is completely pain-free. You’ll experience some tingling in the treatment area, and a bit of redness is common after your treatment. Otherwise, you’ll be able to resume your daily activities right away. Most patients require four to six monthly treatments, to find their best results.

If you’ve been having problems with dry, itchy eyes, blepharitis might be the underlying cause. Reach out to New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn to learn about how intense pulsed light therapy can help address the underlying causes of your blepharitis, and restore your full quality of vision today.

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