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Sometimes referred to as “surfer’s eye,” a pterygium is a benign growth that can begin to form on the eyeball. At first, these growths don’t tend to present a very serious problem. It’s as they grow and progress, however, that they can become a serious nuisance, and might even impact one’s vision in a negative way.

A pterygium can cause symptoms as mild as a bit of irritation or redness, but can progress to get serious enough where it can cause irreversible damage to the cornea, which might make a lasting impact on the vision if left untreated.

New York Laser Vision offers pterygium treatment, which can eliminate these growths, restoring your full comfort and unobstructed vision.

Many patients with problematic pterygium growth find that this procedure greatly enhances their quality of life, restoring their vision and eliminating the irritating growth.

What Exactly Is a Pterygium?

While it is not known with any certainty exactly what causes a pterygium, it is known that they have a tendency to be much more likely to appear in individuals who are very frequently exposed to UV radiation. Frequent exposure to sunlight, as well as environments that tend to be full of dust or other dehydrating elements have also been found to increase the risk for development of a pterygium.

The growth typically starts in the corner of the eye, growing in from the conjunctiva. At first, the pterygium won’t be bothersome, or even noticeable. As it gets larger, though, it can start to become visually noticeable, while also causing vision problems and other irritating symptoms. As the pterygium grows, it can cause symptoms like a burning sensation, as well as irritation and redness, and might even eventually get so bad that it distorts the vision. Individuals who suffer from pterygium growth also report the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye.

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How Can New York Laser Vision Help?

We offer patients surgery to remove pterygium growths, which is relatively quick and easy, and requires a fairly simple recovery process. The surgery tends to take a little less than one half hour, and can be performed with a combination of local anesthetic and a mild sedation to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Your surgeon will carefully remove the pterygium, placing a graft from your own conjunctiva over the removal area. 

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

You’ll need to wear an eye patch to cover the treated eye for a day or two, at which point you’ll be able to get back to work and enjoy your day-to-day life once more. You’ll want to avoid rubbing your eye after your surgery, and will need to avoid swimming and similar activities for a couple of weeks. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you know exactly how to properly care for yourself during your recovery period, answering any questions you might have and setting your mind completely at ease.

If you’ve been dealing with an irritating or vision-impairing pterygium growth, reach out to New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn today. We can help to remove your pterygium growth and restore your vision and comfort to its natural state.

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