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Dry eye syndrome can have any number of underlying causes. Many individuals who suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome might not even realize what they’re dealing with, simply utilizing measures that provide temporary relief, instead of seeking treatment that actually addresses the underlying cause of those chronically dry, itching, and red eyes.

In some cases, chronic dry eye syndrome that is moderate to severe in nature can actually be caused by a problem with the cornea itself. When the corneal tissue of the eye has become damaged or experiences a problem, the resulting chronic dry eyes can not only cause discomfort and irritation...but it can go on to cause permanent and lasting problems with the vision, if left untreated and never properly addressed.

New York Laser Vision offers amniotic membrane treatment for individuals suffering with dry eye, for a safe, non-surgical solution to chronically dry and irritated eyes stemming from a problem with the corneal tissue. Reach out to our offices today, and learn more about how an amniotic membrane treatment might help with your chronic dry eyes.

What Exactly Is an Amniotic Membrane Treatment?

When a baby is developing in its mother’s womb, special tissues, known as amniotic tissues, are developed close to the baby, which help it develop and keep it protected. These specialized amniotic tissues are designed to encourage the body’s growth and repair functions, offering a somewhat therapeutic effect when applied to a damaged area like the cornea.

The actual product itself is somewhat similar to an oversized contact lens — it’s a polycarbonate ring that fits on top of your eye, and has a thin membrane of amniotic tissue that interacts with your cornea, encouraging it to heal and repair itself, thereby alleviating the underlying cause of your chronic dry eye syndrome.

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What Happens When I Receive My Amniotic Membrane Device?

A member of our highly-trained staff will place the amniotic membrane in your eye as part of a pain-free procedure. You might experience some discomfort, and a feeling of having something in your eye, but the procedure is painless.

Once the device is in place, you will likely need to have your eye taped partially closed, as a way of limiting its exposure to things like wind, sunlight, and other factors that might interfere with the treatment process.

You’ll need to avoid the following behaviors when you have your amniotic membrane in place:

  • Rubbing the treated eye
  • Removing the membrane device
  • Swimming, or soaking your face fully in water
  • Showering with your eyes open
  • Driving, operating machinery, etc.

If you’ve been suffering from chronically dry or red eyes, a problem with your cornea might actually be causing the underlying issue. Reach out to New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn to learn more about how amniotic membrane can help relieve your dry eyes, once and for all.

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