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Ocular allergies are a common condition that affects up to 50 million Americans. Allergies often cause dryness, redness, tearing, and many other symptoms that can impair a patient’s vision and affect their overall quality of life. These symptoms are caused by triggers in the air, such as pollen, mold, dust or pet dander; or by certain foods or medications. These triggers affect the conjunctiva, the clear layer of skin over the eyes, causing a variety of symptoms.

The doctors of New York Laser Vision in Manhattan & Brooklyn provide an FDA-approved skin “scratch” test to determine your specific allergies. This allergy test is simple, painless, and best of all requires no shots. In addition, it is covered by major medical insurances. The results are available after a short 15-20 minute wait. Once the patient’s allergies are identified, we can create custom treatment protocols specific to each patient’s needs.

This skin “scratch” test is a simple, non-invasive procedure in which tiny pricks are made on your arm. The devices used to administer the prick “scratches” contain small amounts of the 58 allergens most common to the home and local area, including common molds and mites, plants and trees, and animal particles. The test also provides a positive and negative control that will allow us to objectively diagnose your particular allergies. If you are allergic to an allergen, a small reaction will be seen on the skin. Because everyone has unique allergic triggers, knowing what you are allergic to is important in determining effective treatment.

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