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Lasik Eye Surgery Overview

LASIK eye surgery is the most common vision improvement procedure for those with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, which are eye conditions caused by the shape of the cornea. By using a high-powered laser, a skilled eye surgeon at New York Laser Vision can alter the shape of your cornea, improving your vision and restoring your quality of life with LASIK in Manhattan.

  • Average Cost: Starts at $3,000 per eye
  • Discomfort Level: Little to none
  • Anesthesia Used: Local eye numbing drops
  • Duration of procedure: Total office visit on day of surgery is approximately 90 minutes
  • Recovery Period: Vision will be normal in about eight hours, then about three weeks to three months to experience full results.
  • Results Length: Long-Term

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Why Choose NY Laser Vision for LASIK?

At NY Laser Vision, we provide exceptional eye care with a personalized, patient-centric approach. Led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Julia Giyaur, our highly skilled team has served over 20,000 patients and performed over 3,500 laser procedures and 6,000 ocular surgeries. We speak many languages, helping us service patients from around the world by ensuring clear communication and compassionate care for our diverse patient base. Conveniently located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we serve patients across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and beyond.
We use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques to deliver superior results. With over 10,000 annual patient visits, our track record speaks for itself. Our dedication to innovation, quality care, and patient satisfaction has made us a trusted choice for eye care in the greater New York area. Choose NY Laser Vision for your eye care needs and experience the difference that expertise and advanced technology can make. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

What To Expect During LASIK 

LASIK Patient Testimonial 

What are the benefits of LASIK?

LASIK surgery in Manhattan with New York Laser Vision gives you clearer vision to enjoy life without needing contact lenses or corrective eyeglasses. 

Studies indicate that LASIK:

  • Is successful in achieving 20/20 vision in 85% of patients
  • 95% of patients achieve at least 20/40 visual acuity with LASIK
  • Results are long-lasting, and most patients don’t require follow-up procedures

Other LASIK benefits include:

  • The LASIK procedure is brief
  • LASIK involves little to no downtime, meaning you can resume your normal activities after taking some time to rest on the day of the procedure
  • More than 8 out of 10 LASIK patients no longer need their glasses or contact lenses for most of their activities

Is Lasik a Safe Procedure?

LASIK is an FDA-approved eye surgery that has been performed millions of times and is extremely safe and effective.

We evaluate and consult every patient with the utmost of care, and are careful to only recommend LASIK surgery when we find it to be fully appropriate. According to statistics, most patients achieve their desired outcome from LASIK with just one procedure. In rare instances, one eye may need retreatment to optimize visual acuity.

Dr. Julia Giyaur cured my nearsightedness with LASIK. After 20 years of glasses and contacts, I am now free! I highly recommend Dr. Giyaur as an amazing eye-surgeon who literally changed my daily life in a very significant way.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

If you're considering LASIK surgery in Manhattan at New York Laser Vision, you probably already wear glasses or contact lenses, which makes you a good candidate for LASIK. LASIK surgery may be your solution to correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

However, certain health conditions can increase the risks associated with LASIK surgery or produce less predictable results.

You may not be a good LASIK candidate if you have:

  • Autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • A weakened immune system caused by immunosuppressive medications
  • Persistent dry eyes
  • Recent changes in vision due to medications, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age
  • Inflammation of the cornea
  • Eyelid disorders
  • Eye injuries
  • Eye diseases such as uveitis, herpes simplex affecting the eye area, glaucoma, or cataracts
  • Eye diseases that cause the cornea to thin and bulge
  • Genetic predisposition to eye diseases that cause the cornea to thin and bulge

Additionally, LASIK surgery is not advisable if you:

  • Have good vision overall
  • Have severe nearsightedness
  • Have large pupils or thin corneas
  • Have age-related eye changes that cause your vision to be less clear
  • Participate in contact sports associated with blows to the face

Can Lasik Fix Other Eye Conditions Such as Glaucoma, Dry Eye, or Cataracts?

LASIK surgery addresses refractive errors by reshaping the cornea, allowing it to remedy issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

It cannot fix other eye conditions such as glaucoma (where pressure builds inside the eye), dry eye (where the eye’s tear production is deficient), or cataracts (a clouding of the eye’s lens due to protein buildup). These each demand separate procedures. If a person has glaucoma or cataracts, this usually precludes them from having LASIK.

How Long Does Lasik Eye Surgery Take?

LASIK eye surgery is a short procedure that we conduct in the office in less than half an hour. Patients can expect 10 minutes or less to be spent on each eye. However, the entire office visit on the day of surgery may take about 90 minutes.

Is Vision Correction Painful?

LASIK patients do not experience pain during their procedure. Anesthetic eye drops are administered to numb the eye entirely. As we work on the eyes, slight pressure may be felt in surrounding tissues.

What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery, a mild grittiness or sensation of having an eyelash in the eye may be felt. This is a temporary side effect that decreases within a few hours. At home, most patients take over-the-counter pain relief medication to manage comfort.

How Long Will Vision Correction Last?

Long-term studies on laser vision correction have demonstrated the potential for permanent results from procedures like LASIK. In one study, published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, results from laser vision correction held strong beyond 18 years after initial treatment.

When Can I Return to Work and Normal Activities after LASIK?

Recommendations after LASIK in Manhattan at New York Laser Vision may include:

  • Having someone drive you home from your surgery, and to your follow-up appointment.
  • You can drive once the legal vision requirement has been confirmed through a standard eye exam in our office.
  • You’ll need to keep water out of your eyes at first, but it’s safe to shower starting the day after surgery.
  • You can return to work within one to two days.
  • Artificial tears may be used for a few weeks to reduce dry-eye, especially if you routinely use a computer.
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup for the first week after LASIK. To significantly reduce the risk of infection, many doctors suggest buying new mascara and eyeliner rather than using the products that were used before surgery.
  • Mild exercise may be resumed within a few days, taking care not to let sweat drip into the eyes.
  • Swimming and hot tub use can be resumed after two weeks.

Your doctor will go over your detailed aftercare recommendations during your consultation for LASIK surgery, to make sure you’re fully briefed on everything you need to know.

Anna's Journey with LASIK from pre-op to post-op

LASIK Story - 1

LASIK Case Study

happy patient post lasik

  • Patient 36 year old with High prescription (astigmatism)
  • Turned down from many places, was told he can’t have LASIK
  • A commercial driver by profession
  • Had difficulty wearing glasses since high astigmatism correction in glasses is very uncomfortable
  • Dr. Giyaur performed his LASIK
  • He saw 20/20 with both eyes the following day
  • Was able to return to his work the next day.
  • 6 months later his vision is stable and he is very satisfied. 

LASIK Patient Experiences

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost? 

LASIK eye surgery cost starts at $3000 per eye and can vary based on the technology used and individual requirements. Consultation with our eye specialists at New York Laser Vision is recommended for a personalized quote. It's essential to choose an experienced surgeon to ensure the best possible results and minimize potential risks.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects with Lasik?

Complications such as vision loss are very rare with LASIK, but there are certain side effects that are somewhat common, including dry eye and temporary vision issues.

  • Dry eyes — LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in tear production. This can last for up to six months; eye drops can help manage this.
  • Glare, halos, double vision — Your night vision could be affected after your surgery, with halos and glare showing around bright lights. Double vision can develop, as well. These usually last for a period from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Astigmatism — If tissue removal is uneven, it can create astigmatism.
  • Undercorrection or overcorrection — If the laser removes too little or too much tissue, you may not have the correction you desire. This can be easily addressed with a second procedure for undercorrection.
  • Flap problems — The flap created to access the cornea can develop complications such as infection or unusual epithelium growth.
  • Vision loss — In very rare cases, patients have experienced vision loss due to surgical complications.

What Will Recovery Be Like After Lasik?

LASIK eye surgery is an incredibly quick procedure, taking only around 10 minutes. Afterwards, we’ll examine your eyes, and provide you with some prescription eye drops to prevent infection and inflammation and keep your eyes moist. 

You might have some slight itching or burning in your eyes, and you will have some additional tearing. These are all normal signs that your eyes are healing.

New York Laser Vision

How Long Does Recovery Take?

The healing process is very quick. For most of our New York Laser Vision patients, vision is normal within eight hours and then continues to improve over time. In some cases, it can take a few months to reach the full extent of your vision improvement. But in other patients, results are realized within a few weeks with a dramatic improvement in just hours.

LASIK eye surgery patient in NYC shares review of New York Laser Vision

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Is laser vision correction permanent?

Yes, LASIK vision correction is permanent and can effectively correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but it does not prevent age-related conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts.

What will I feel during and after the LASIK procedure?

LASIK is a generally painless procedure, although patients may feel slight pressure when a speculum is inserted and when the laser is applied, with some temporary symptoms such as scratchiness, irritation, and blurry vision, but most patients experience excellent vision by the next day.

How can I afford LASIK?

LASIK is not usually covered by health insurance, but Alphaeon and Care Credit offer interest-free financing, which our surgical coordinator can help with. LASIK can be a long-term cost-saving option for those no longer using glasses or contacts.

How to pick the right doctor for your laser vision correction procedure?

Choose a highly qualified, board-certified ophthalmologist like Dr. Giyaur for LASIK who personalizes the treatment plan to achieve the best vision results using the latest technologies and a meticulous team approach.

Can I have LASIK when I'm pregnant?

LASIK is not permitted during pregnancy or nursing due to hormonal fluctuations that can alter the cornea's shape, although this is not a safety concern with the laser.

What are the chances of needing an enhancement or touch-up procedure after LASIK?

The chances of needing an enhancement or touch-up procedure after LASIK vary, but it is estimated to be around 10% to 20% of patients in the long term.

Can LASIK surgery be performed on both eyes on the same day?

Yes, LASIK surgery can typically be performed on both eyes during the same day, allowing for a more convenient and efficient treatment process.

Are there any age restrictions for LASIK surgery?

There is no specific age restriction for LASIK surgery, but candidates should typically be 18 years or older with stable vision.

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